Meeting Minutes 31 July 2015

Stewart County 4-H Riding Club (Board Meeting Minutes:31 July 2015) (5:00 p.m. Stewart County Arena)

Board Members: Present: Lin Carney, Taylor Serafin, Dave Rosengrant, Deedra Neal, Joe Griffy Absent: Kristi May Quorum present? Yes Others Present: Roman Conway, Shannon West, Carissa Collins

Proceedings: · Meeting called to order at 5:00 by Lin Carney

President's Report: Presented By Lin Carney on behalf of Kristi May

I want to thank everyone for their time and commitment to seeing the riding club through and all of the support for the shows and the events and we look forward to a great year this year and many more years to come.

Treasurer's report: Presented By Taylor Serafin

Explanation of current financial status. Currently in the black with $625.74 in the bank account. Described purchases over the last several months, and income from the last several shows.

Policy, Rules and Regulations Committee Report: Presented By Taylor Serafin

Only one complaint on the rules, none since april

· Other business:

Election of new Vice-President: Two valid nominees were presented, Deedra Neal and Dave Rosengrant. Mr. Rosengrant was elected by a narrow margin.

Election of new Member at Large: One valid nominee was presented, Carissa Collins. Mrs. Collins was elected to the position.

By-Law amendment proposal was presented to the membership for vote. Changes were adopted unanimously. Updated by-laws will be posted on all outlets no later than Monday, 3 Aug 2015.

List of equipment for SCRC to function without borrowing anything from other entities was presented to the membership for discussion and approval. List approved unanimously and members are working to acquire equipment.

Jackpot Speed events have been determined to be the responsibility of SCRC for insurance purposes. The finance and budget committee will be responsible for insuring these events and making available written proof of insurance to the board. Otherwise, unanimously agreed to hold these events for the remainder of the show year.

Proposed Halloween fun show activities presented to the membership for approval. Unanimously agreed upon.

A committee has been formed to determine the likelihood of beginning annual rodeos in Stewart County. Ms. Carney will head this committee and will be assisted by Mr. Griffy, Ms. Serafin and Mr. Rosengrant.

A committee has been formed to plan the year end awards banquet. Ms. Neal will head this committee and will be assisted by Mrs. Collins and Ms Serafin.

A committee has been formed to manage and control fund raising activities. This committee will be headed by Ms. Serafin. Ms Collins will be assisting Ms. Serafin with this committee.

Club t-shit designs have been voted in by the membership present. The club will make all options available, with the most popular by vote available on hand at shows.

By unanimous vote, a new flat rate all day entry membership contribution has been added for business and family members. All day family contribution will be $35, all day business contribution will be $60. This option is to be available henceforth at all open horse shows.

New waivers, show bills and membership forms were presented and adopted by unanimous vote.

Unanimously agreed upon that SCRC will not officially sponsor or sanction any off site trail riding events, but members may use social connections formed within the club to organize such events independently.

Unanimously agreed upon that the club should begin researching options to hold educational horsemanship clinics at the arena. UT extension will have charge of these events.

Next meeting time and date have been set for 22 Oct 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Stewart County Arena.

· Assessment of the Meeting: Meeting was successful.

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